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Inventory and Supplier Management

Cloud Conversion has the functionality your organization needs to keep up with eCommerce customer demands and improve experiences.

With the help of eCommerce marketplace giants, like Amazon, customer expectations have dramatically increased in the past decade.  Real-time inventory visibility is crucial in eCommerce to ensure all of your channels have complete visibility into inventory. Oversells and undersells can prevent potential sales and lead to customer dissatisfaction. Cloud Conversion provides the features and integrations necessary to scale in the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

Our platform also integrates with best-in-class warehouse management solutions if you are in need of advanced features to accommodate a high-volume warehousing and distribution model.

  • Purchase Order Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Track Warehouse & Multiple Inventory Sources

  • Track Bin Locations

  • Handle Damages

  • Manage Vendor Returns

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