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Fulfillment and Dropship Automation

Cloud Conversion has the functionality your organization needs to keep up with eCommerce customer demands and improve experiences.

Expand your catalog by including without increasing your warehouse space by offering products through dropship vendors.  We understand that it can be a nightmare managing one or many dropShip vendors. Merchants spend countless hours manually splitting multiple line item sales orders to be sent to dropship vendors, making sure quantities are up to date, and finally updating tracking back to the channel.  Cloud Conversion automates this workflow for you so that you can focus your time and resources on scaling the business. You will even be notified if orders have not been shipped on-time so that you can reach out to your vendors.

To keep up with customer expectations and same day shipping, many merchants have moved to a hybrid fulfillment model.  Hybrid fulfillment models could include direct fulfillment as well as one or more third party logistics providers. Expand your same-day-shipping radius by leveraging Third Party Logistics.   Integrate your fulfillment providers to Cloud Conversion for inventory feeds, sales orders, purchase orders, and tracking. To ensure that your customers have the best experience possible Cloud Conversion can automatically compare inventory levels at your fulfillment houses and automatically route orders to the best cost or closest proximity to your customers.

  • Sync Inventory

  • Sync Orders

  • Automate Splitting Orders

  • Update Tracking

  • Automate Order Routing


  • Late Order Notifications

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