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SOLUTION PARTNERS: Rakuten Super Logistics

MARKET: International

INDUSTRY: Automotive


MARKET: International

INDUSTRY: Home & Garden

Titan Manufacturing & Distributing, Inc. 

15 years ago Rusty Robinson needed a cost effective fire pit for his family.  His search left him empty handed so as any great entrepreneur would do, he built his own.  Then he began building fire pits out of his garage and selling them on eBay. Fast forward today, what was a garage shop is now a multi-channel direct-to-consumer enterprise located in a 400,000 sq ft facility in Memphis, TN, with over 130 employees. 

Titan found the process of on-boarding Cloud Conversion to be easy and they are having a great experience.  Their goals were to aggregate all of their channels to gain a true 360 degree view of their customers. Titan’s customers purchase their products on multiple channels and Titan wanted the ability to easily engage with those customers to thank them for their loyalty and maintain the customer experience that Rusty intended. 

Linda’s Stuff, Inc. 

Soon after onboarding, Linda’s Stuff was saving hundreds of hours through automating their manual processes and were able to focus their time and resources on taking the business to the next level. 

“Cloud Conversion quickly became and still is the nucleus of our business, it changed everything.  We now have visibility of the entire organization. Best Offers is no longer a challenge, we have performance metrics on our listing team, and our accounting is completely automated with the Quickbooks integration.”

Max Lightman, Chief Operating Officer

SOLUTION PARTNERS: ChannelAdvisor, UPS WorldShip, Quickbooks

MARKET: International

INDUSTRY: Luxury Fashion

SOLUTION PARTNERS: ChannelAdvisor, ShipWorks, SkuVault

MARKET: International

INDUSTRY: Sporting Goods

Wheel & Sprocket

Over the last 40 years, Wheel & Sprocket thrived as a bike shop in Wisconsin run by a family with a passion for cycling. When Noel and Amelia Kegel inherited their father’s’ bike shop, they wanted to ensure his legacy would continue to grow and serve those in their community who also loved cycling. Today, the Wheel & Sprocket brand extends across two states and has a global online presence in the cycling world.

Cloud Conversion gave Wheel & Sprocket the visibility into their data to make decisions that drive profitability. They saw the biggest improvements in order profit and increased profitability through automated order margin reports. Now that these processes are automated, they are more efficient and able to spend their time focusing on growth.

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