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CRM for eCommerce

Give your Customer Support agents a 360° view of all your customer interactions. Integrate customer data from the most popular channels into a native Salesforce Customer Relationship Management application built for eCommerce.

Cloud Conversion eCommerce CRM

The best eCommerce CRM doesn’t limit you to one channel.

Keep up with the demands and expectations of online business today. The Cloud Conversion eCommerce CRM has the functionality your organization needs. Consolidate all your customer communications from different channels into one easy to manage platform. Set up canned responses to automate messaging and reduce response times.

As your organization scales, Cloud Conversion makes it easy to onboard new CSRs by giving them a user-friendly CRM interface. When a registered customer calls, Cloud Conversion automatically displays the customer’s contact information, open orders, and order history across channels. The use of CTI (computer-telephony integration) ensures the best customer experience by eliminating unnecessary delays to access information. 

Your eCommerce business will benefit from the gains your customer support department will realize. Faster response times and better personalization will result in improved customer satisfaction and retention. Cloud Conversion integrates with tools like RingCentral, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon and many more. View a full list of integrations.

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Your customers deserve the best. So do you.

As a growing business, we know you want the best for your customers. At Cloud Conversion, we want the best for you. We have been native on Salesforce since 2010, focused on providing you with solutions that help streamline business. Take your customer service to the next level with Cloud Conversion’s eCommerce CRM.

  • Customer Database

  • Customer Cases

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Customer Information

  • Customer Communications

  • Call Center Automation

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