Amazon Order Management for Salesforce®

Traditionally, Amazon Third Party Sellers have to manage their orders, customer service, and FBA processes with a set of multiple solutions. Cloud Conversion is a complete Amazon Order Management tool for handling orders and inventory, communicating with customers, processing returns, tracking product performance, and accounting for fees and other costs to understand true profits.

Centralize Every Aspect of the Amazon Order Management Process

Solve the multi-channel challenges of selling on Amazon with a streamlined tool designed free up your time. With two-way sync and automations for inventory, order and customer data, Cloud Conversion is the only Amazon order management tool you’ll ever need.

Amazon Sellers Have Never Been Happier

Whether you’re a pure-play eCommerce seller, vendor or a full-scale OmniChannel merchant, our platform will optimize your Amazon presence and processes. Streamline Customer Service, Shipping, Damages, Returns and Inventory, all while accounting for the associated fees and financial data.

Exceed customer expectations at every turn with Cloud Conversion.

Endless Timesaving Features for Merchants

At 1440, Inc., we believe time is the most valuable currency. And we hate wasting it doing things the inefficient way. Our popular Cloud Conversion tool saves you time managing your orders and inventory so you can do more important things. We have been native on Salesforce since 2010, focused on streamlining businesses by connecting the apps, channels and marketplaces that take customers from click to ship.

  • Real-Time Order Sync

  • Works with Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Payment Processing

  • Call Center Automation

  • Push Inventory

  • Create FBA Shipments

  • Vendor & Purchase Order Management

  • Dropship Management

  • Product Information Management

  • Map Custom Attributes

  • Receive Amazon POs as Sales Orders

  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment

  • Powerful Returns Experience

  • Customer Tagging

  • Sophisticated Pricing Tools

  • Automated Order Splitting

  • Advanced Shipping Notifications

  • Track Fees & Financial Data