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Customer Management

Cloud Conversion CRM has the functionality your organization needs to keep up with eCommerce customer demands and expectations.  Consolidate, manage, respond to customer questions and communications. Set up canned responses to automate messaging. Customer Service agents can file a case, modify orders, initiate returns, generate RMAs, and even submit and charge exchanges.  Save your agents and customers time and hassle by having all the details of your orders, communications, returns, and inventory in one platform. Scale your reputation and customer satisfaction with Cloud Conversion CRM.

As your organization scales Cloud Conversion CRM makes it easy to onboard new CSRs by giving them an user-friendly CRM interface to access customer and order history.  Cloud Conversion provides CTI (computer-telephony integration) to ensure the best customer experience by eliminating unnecessary delays to access information. When a registered customer calls Cloud Conversion automatically displays the customer’s contact information, open orders, and order history.  With one click agents can create RMAs, exchanges, modify orders, create orders, and process payments.

  • Customer Database

  • Customer Information

  • Customer Communications

  • Customer Cases

  • CTI

  • Call Center Automation

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Order Management

Cloud Conversion CRM empowers CSRs to track, edit, modify, cancel, spilt and route orders. CSRs can also view customer and order history to ensure customers are handled effectively.

As your organization scales you may have multiple options for order fulfillment.  Our platform automates order routing so that you do not have to waste time and resources manually comparing costs and rates to decide whether to dropship, fulfill in-house, FBA, ship from store, or send to other third-party logistics providers. Orders can even be automatically split, sent to different sources, and tracking updated to your customers.

  • Automatically Pull & Consolidate eCommerce Sales Orders

  • Modify & Update Existing Sales Orders

  • Manually & Automatically Split Orders

  • Process Payments

  • Create Manual & Phone Orders

  • Manage Back & Future Orders

  • Returns & Exchanges

  • Automate Routing of Orders to Warehouses, Dropship, and Third Party Logistics

Returns and Exchanges

Handling customer returns can sometimes be a difficult process, especially when communicating through marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.  Cloud Conversion’s solution to automatically manage customer returns includes a managed returns page that pulls data directly from customer orders. Customers log in, choose their qualified product, then print out a return label to ship it back to you. The portal works for all orders, including website, Amazon, and eBay. This solution also includes integrated charges and refunds to allow for automated replacements and exchanges. Your warehouse staff can process incoming returns with a simple barcode scan.

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Inventory & Warehouse Management

With the help of Amazon, customer expectations have dramatically increased in the past decade.  Real-time inventory visibility is crucial in eCommerce to ensure all of your channels have complete visibility into inventory.  Oversells and undersells can prevent potential sales and lead to customer dissatisfaction. Cloud Conversion provides the features and integrations necessary to scale in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The rapid growth of eCommerce has inspired many organizations to scale their logistics model.  Whether your organization fulfills orders strictly from your own warehouse(s) or uses a hybrid model of in-house, third party, and/or dropship tracking inventory and routing orders can be a challenge if your data is not consolidated into one place.  Cloud Conversion can automate your logistics network and provide either basic receiving, bin location tracking, and inventory adjustments. Our platform also integrates with best-in-class warehouse management solutions if you are in need of advanced features to accommodate a high-volume warehousing and distribution model.

  • Track Bin Locations

  • Track Warehouse & Multiple Inventory Sources

  • Automate Replenishment

  • Track Costs & Inventory Value

  • Handle Damages

  • Vendor Returns

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Demand Planning & Purchasing 

Cloud Conversion is packed full of advanced Demand Planning and Purchasing features that will streamline your buyers’ day to day data entry.  Cloud Conversion captures all of your sales history, inventory movement, purchase order history, and purchase order adjustments. Our demand planning algorithms then use this data to make purchase forecast suggestions.  Utilize automation to automatically create purchase orders based off demand planning analytics for your team to approve. Cloud Conversion will keep track of all your purchase orders, invoices, and vendor returns so that you can maintain accurate profitability.  Track your Vendor and Buyer performance with advanced analytics to ensure your Vendors and Buyers are meeting proper expectations. Cloud Conversion also can automate purchase orders for DropShip and Just In Time.

  • Demand Planning & Forecasting

  • Automated Vendor Comparison

  • Purchase Order Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Vendor Returns

  • Serial Tracking

  • Lot Tracking

  • Consignment

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Dropship & Third Party Logistics Automation

Expand your catalog by including without increasing your warehouse space by offering products through dropship vendors.  We understand that it can be a nightmare managing one or many dropShip vendors. Merchants spend countless hours manually splitting multiple line item sales orders to be sent to dropship vendors, making sure quantities are up to date, and finally updating tracking back to the channel.  Cloud Conversion automates this workflow for you so that you can focus your time and resources on scaling the business. You will even be notified if orders have not been shipped on-time so that you can reach out to your vendors.

To keep up with customer expectations and same day shipping, many merchants have moved to a hybrid fulfillment model.  Hybrid fulfillment models could include direct fulfillment as well as one or more third party logistics providers. Expand your same-day-shipping radius by leveraging Third Party Logistics.   Integrate your fulfillment providers to Cloud Conversion for inventory feeds, sales orders, purchase orders, and tracking. To ensure that your customers have the best experience possible Cloud Conversion can automatically compare inventory levels at your fulfillment houses and automatically route orders to the best cost or closest proximity to your customers.

  • Sync Inventory

  • Sync Orders

  • Automate Splitting Orders

  • Update Tracking

  • Automate Order Routing


  • Late Order Notifications

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Product Information Management (PIM)

Cloud Conversion allows you to create and maintain product information, data, and photos to automatically generate listings on your channels.  Users can create custom attributes to ensure that your customers and staff have all the information about your products to make accurate decisions.  Cloud Conversion also has the ability to search various databases for information. Simply enter a UPC code and Cloud Conversion will auto-populate data.  

  • Create Products

  • Store Photos

  • Custom Attributes & Product Details

  • Lot Tracking & Serialization

  • Case Packs

  • Kits, Bundles, and Assemblies

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Reporting and Analytics

Cloud Conversion would not be complete without analytics and reporting to empower your organization to scale.  Executives and managers get a real-time glance into day-to-day operations to prevent fires and to create a more stable environment.  Our platform also provides in-depth visibility, and AI driven predictive modeling that your executive team can utilize to drive more effective decisions quicker.  Cloud Conversion becomes the central platform for your inventory, orders, suppliers, purchase orders, customer details, financials, and strategic planning. Consolidate your data into one platform, automate analytics, and scale with customizable dashboards and reports.

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